The Brunel Museum Thames Tunnel


Brunel Museum Family Trail Brunel Museum wanted to open up their offering to families, by introducing their first family trail Brief It's 1835 and the Thames Tunnel has laid unfinished for the past 7 years. Work is about to begin again, but there's a problem. In the last flood, the blueprints got wet and [...]

The Jewish Museum’s Phased Re-Opening


The Jewish Museum's Phased Re-Opening When Covid19 hit, like many other businesses, the Jewish Museum found new ways to target their audiences and built up their online presence. They approached me to create a digital report showcasing their achievements during lockdown. Lockdown Impact Report Toffee decided to keep things simple and clear and created [...]

Emotional Reflection Booklet


Jewish Museum Emotional Reflection Concertina Booklet An 8 page concertina booklet, printed on 170gsm 100% recycled paper, with custom infographics to visually describe each emotion. The idea behind the booklet, is so that visitors of the museum could note down their emotions for each exhibition they visit. Visitors can ensure they have seen everything they want [...]

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