Project Description

The Elites Re-brand

The Elites Greek Dance Troupe was established in 2013 as an idea that has since evolved. They are a modern and energetic dance team that perform in both modern and traditional clothing depending on their client’s desires.

The Elites felt that their logo didn’t represent their brand values clearly and wanted something more contemporary but with a traditional Greek touch. This was achieved with a custom designed font, inspired by Roman/Greek typography and a simplified roman border pattern.

Their original also logo didn’t really explain visually what their company did, so with the incorporation of male and female dancers wearing both traditional and modern costumes illustrated within the logo, clients can now see at a glance what The Elites are about.

As well as business cards and adverts, additional brand assets and graphics were produced for their social media for a coherent brand image. The assets were given a celebratory feel to illustrate the energy the troupe bring to the party!

Client: The Elites
Sector: Performing Arts, Entertainment
Services: Logo & Branding, Digital Design, Printed Design

Marianna designed my wedding invites and designed a new logo for my sideline business when I decided to rebrand. On both occasions Marianna exceeded my expectations. Before she took on both projects, she took time and the right level and care to understand the requirements. The most important thing is she listens and then brings your vision to life. When I decided to rebrand, Marianna took me on the right journey. She asked the relevant questions and really familiarised herself with the business and its brand, what we stand for, our values, our culture and our ethos. She produced the perfect product that represents our brand perfectly. Her guidance was spot on and she shared a wealth of knowledge and why it’s important that a brand should speak volumes. But overall her aim was that I was happy with the end result, and to say I was more than happy is an understatement. Marianna’s after care was also second to none and as you can tell I highly recommend her work. Thank you Marianna – Toffee Design

Stelios Loizou, The Elites