Project Description

Pink of London

Pink of London is a luxury beauty salon and spa that believe in extraordinary experiences. They take your beauty and wellbeing to the next level of luxury and comfort. This is your sanctuary where your hair, beauty and treatment needs are taken care of at every stage – from personal consultations to post-treatment programmes tailored to keep you looking and feeling your most fabulous self. Pink of London believe in extraordinary experiences and Toffee wanted to ensure their their logo and branding reflected this experience.

Logo and Branding
Pink of London has a clear vision for their brand. We talked about rose gold details and flowers on their shop-front – much like the EL&N Cafe. I explored several design options and I must admit, the chosen design was my favourite and I’m so pleased they went with it. I created a simple symbol made up of rose gold lines which is a cross between a heart and a rose. I continued the lines across the logo to make it appear as though the logo is wrapped in a blanket – representing comfort, security and that you will be looked after well. The result is a very contemporary and stylish logo that fit perfectly with Pink’s vision.

Pink were set on a colour for their shopfront, so we used this to find a matching Pantone colour that formed the starting point for our colour palette. I chose complimentary colours to go with the primary pink that we used across the website and other branding materials: instagram posts, graphics, advertisements, business cards, gift cards and the price list.

Toffee designed the website, echoing the diagonal lines from the logo for a dynamic and contemporary feel. Stephanie Buck Marketting helped with copy-writing to ensure that the tone of voice was on brand. Our web developers at helped put the site together, ensuring everything worked seamlessly with the Shortcuts booking system.

Client: Pink of London Hair and Beauty Spa
Sector: Beauty, Luxury Brand
Services: Logo & Branding, Pricelist Design, Print Design, Website Design, Signage

Thank you Marianna for helping us create Pink of London – you know and see our vision and bring it to life just like that! We look forward to continue to work with you as we grow and grow.